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Connect with the Alf Museum from the comfort of your own classrooms!

Reserve a virtual tour and discover the Museum in a fun, engaging, and interactive online experience hosted by an Alf Museum educator. Alf Museum Virtual Tours are hosted online and require a computer/smart device, webcam, and the internet.


Dynamic Dinosaurs!

Designed for grades: 2nd – 4th grade
Length: 30 – 45 minutes
Fee: $35.00

When you think of fossils, most people think of the “terrible lizards” of the Mesozoic, the dinosaurs! In this digital field trip, Alf Museum educators help students discover some amazing dinosaur fossils from the Alf Museum collection and discuss basic principles of paleontology: what are (and aren’t) fossils; what makes a dinosaur a dinosaur; how are dinosaurs classified; and what was the world of the dinosaurs like. In this two-way interactive experience, students are encouraged to ask questions and expand their perspectives about the world of dinosaurs.

Exhibit Exploration!

Designed for grades: K-12, College, and General
Length: 50 ­– 60 minutes
Fee: $75.00 general – $50.00 for Title 1 Schools

Join an Alf Museum educator for a trip through time as your classroom explores the virtual Alf Museum Hall of Life and Hall of Footprints! In this interactive experience, students will see some amazing fossil displays and discuss paleontological concepts like deep time, extinction, and evolution. “Exhibit Exploration” can be combined with “Dynamic Dinosaurs” for a single 60-minute experience.

Self-guided Lessons

K-12 Scalable

Explore the Virtual Alf Museum with your classroom whenever you need! We have self-guided lesson plans available for educators at no-cost to use whenever is best for your students.

Fill out the form below to download a copy of the lesson plan.


Experiences currently only offered within the United States between 9am – 3pm PST.

Minimum number of attendees is 10. Maximum number of attendees is 100.

Reservations must be made at least 2 weeks before your preferred date.

Payment must be received 1 week before your reservation date. Pay by check only.

For information, questions, or cancellations, please contact our Tours Manager:
Monique Reyes, Phone: 909-482-5229 | Email:


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