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Research Associates

Research associates of the Raymond M. Alf Museum of Paleontology are individuals who conduct original scientific research on the museum collection or in collaboration with museum staff on a sustained basis. Appointment to the position is at the discretion of the director. The position is non-salaried and holds a three-year term, eligible for renewal.

Privileges and Expectations: Research associates are encouraged to use Alf Museum collections and research labs. Associates may list the Alf Museum as an institutional affiliation for research papers, vitae, and other purposes related to the conduct of research. As a courtesy, the Alf Museum should be notified of any publications with the museum name. Research associates are encouraged to deposit fossil specimens at the Alf Museum, following approval from collections staff. Research associates are expected to abide by best practices for use of museum collections as well as ethical norms for the field of paleontology.

Requirements: The research associate should hold a minimum of a bachelor’s degree and preferably a M.Sc., M.A., or Ph.D., or have equivalent experience in paleontology or a related field. Additionally, the research associate should have an established track record of authorship on professional presentations and peer-reviewed publications in paleontology or a related field.

Application Process: Prospective research associates will submit a curriculum vitae to the director of the Alf Museum, who will review the application in collaboration with the curator and other museum staff.

Current Research Associates:

  • Jessie Atterholt, Ph.D.
  • Alton Dooley, Ph.D.
  • Taormina Lepore, M.Sc.
  • Donald Lofgren, Ph.D.
  • Leonardo Maiorino, Ph.D.
  • Andrew McDonald, Ph.D.