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Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: Where is the Alf Museum?
Q: What are your hours?
Q: How much is admission?
Q: Am I allowed to leave the Alf Museum and come back?
Q: Does the Alf Museum have a gift shop?
Q: Are there public restrooms at the museum?
Q: Where do I park?
Q: Are strollers allowed in the museum?
Q: Is the Alf Museum wheelchair accessible?
Q: Do you have storage lockers?
Q: Can I take pictures?
Q: Can I bring food?
Q: Are there dining options at the museum?
Q: What can I bring to the Alf Museum?


Q: How do we reserve a tour for my school?
Q: Can I reserve more than one tour at a time?
Q: What is included in the tour?
Q: When do tours start?
Q: How long is the tour?
Q: Where do we park?
Q: How many chaperones are allowed on a tour?
Q: Can we bring snacks?
Q: Can the museum provide accommodations for students with special needs?
Q: Does the museum offer guided tours for homeschool or Scout groups?
Q: Is the museum available for private events?


Q: Can I bring fossils for identification?