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Cylindrodon nebraskensis - RAM 7009

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Cylindrodon nebraskensis
RAM 7009

Specimen Description
Partial right mandible with p4, m1, and m2 in place.

Mammalia: Rodentia: Cylindrodontidae

RAM locality V200130 (Sioux County, Nebraska)

Geological Horizon
Chadron Formation

Geological Age
Chadronian NALMA: Late Eocene

Original Publication
Hough, J., and R. Alf. 1956. A Chadron mammalian fauna from Nebraska. Journal of Paleontology 30:132-140.

Current Taxonomic Status

The specimen number was given as “Webb School Museum No. 108” (which was misprinted as Webb School Museum No. 1908 in the caption for figures 1 and 2, p. 133) by Hough and Alf (1956).


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