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Educator Loan Kits

The Alf Museum is offering a new program for educators of students in grades 2 to 4: the Classroom Science Connections Loan Kit! The Loan Kit Program provides teachers with everything they need to bring paleontology to the classroom and to teach major scientific concepts using fossils. For a fee of $25, teachers can keep the kit for two weeks for use in the classroom. Contact the museum to make a reservation, then come to the museum and check out the kit like a book from a library. The Loan Kit Program gives teachers greater flexibility in how and when they teach paleontology in the classroom; study can range from one day to several days and can lead to extended exploration of the science of fossils and ancient life.

Major concepts covered in the “Dynamic Dinos” program include:

  • What fossils are (and aren’t)
  • What dinosaurs are (and aren’t)
  • How dinosaurs are classified (saurischians and ornithischians)
  • The Mesozoic world and its inhabitants
"Dynamic Dinos" Loan Kit

“Dynamic Dinos” Loan Kit


The “Dynamic Dinos” Loan Kit includes:

  • A CD with a PowerPoint viewer presentation on the subject of fossils and dinosaurs
  • 12 fossil replicas, including dinosaur teeth, claws, footprint and dinosaur egg
  • 3 age-appropriate books from the museum library
  • Hands-on activity worksheets and materials with instructions provided in the Educator Guide notebook.

For more information or to make your reservation, contact Kathy Sanders by telephone at 909-482-5225, or by email at