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The Hall of Life traces the history of life on earth through exhibits spanning the first cells through human civilization. Newly-renovated in 2011, a few highlights include:

  • Some of the oldest known single-celled and multicellular organisms
  • Beautifully preserved invertebrates, including trilobites and crinoids
  • Dinosaur skulls and skeletons, including the horned Centrosaurus, the fierce predators Tyrannosaurus and Allosaurus, and duck-billed dinosaurs
  • Dinosaur eggs
  • A giant fossil alligator skull from the Amazon
  • A large collection of fossil mammals from North America, including saber toothed cats, titanotheres, and three-toed horses

The Hall of Footprints is the largest, most diverse collection of animal footprints on display in North America. Renovated in 2002, the Hall of Footprints includes many informative and interactive exhibits, including a children’s activity area. It is one of the most spectacular fossil footprint displays in the world. Notable highlights include:

  • The oldest fossil elephant (proboscidean) footprints from North America
  • Tracks of the giant bear-dog, Amphicyon, with a mounted skeletal cast
  • Rare footprints from extinct spiders and scorpions
  • Dinosaur footprints and more!

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